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Stainless Steel Float Balls

Stainless Steel Float Balls, Float Balls and Stainless Steel Floats

Stainless Steel Float Balls

Stainless Steel Float Balls, Float Balls and Stainless Steel Floats


Balls with magnets – Some applications require magnets to be installed inside the float ball. We have a quality manufacturer that can produce magnets to your specifications and we have developed techniques to effectively install the magnets inside the floats.

Float Valves – In liquid based systems, control and measurement of the material flow is vital to the operations. Float valves, with specially designed stainless steel float balls inside, can play a critical part of the process. With over 20 years of experience, we are able to handle orders for metal floats of any specification to work inside these valves.

Liquid level measurement – We supply floats with through tubes, threads, hooks or other fittings that can be attached to a measurement device. Common connections are by a stainless steel rod or cable. The device determines the level of the liquid based on the position of the ball floating within a tank or other chamber.

Vacuum tanks – Stainless steel float balls work as a primary shutoff for the vacuum pump in tanks that carry liquid or sludge. The ball floats in a cage and when the liquid level becomes low it seals against a gasket which signals the pump to stop.

Sump Pumps – These are designed to pump liquid outside a chamber. Floats are often attached so that the pump knows whether or not to activate, based on the liquid level inside the chamber.

Steam traps – Where steam is used in heavy industrial settings there are often float balls integrated into the system that control the amount of liquid that could be building up.

Flag pole balls – As you can imagine, stainless float balls are often used on top of a flag pole to make it look amazing.

Art projects – We have supplied float balls for the raw materials of a number of art projects. You provide the imagination and we supply the material to create your design.